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Crazy Disco Disk Cleaning Machine - DEMO and How It Works

In the last video I showed you the design and build for my craziest of things yet. It's suppose to clean floppy disks, but why just do that when you can make it fun? I added speakers and LEDs all over it.

In this video I'll show you how I programmed both of the Arduinos and finally I'll show you the thing running...

What is this Crazy Contraption!? - Part 1

After the Kickstart event last year I decided I wanted to create something to clean floppy disks. Sometimes they wont read because the magnetic material has come off the disk, however sometimes there's a layer of mold.

Now I could just make something simple, but why not have some fun... so I've designed the most crazy of contraptions to achieve this task.

Kickstart & Enable Switch for the A2000 Action Replay

In the previous video I experimented with the Action Replay MK III for the Amiga 2000. However it only worked with kickstart 1.3 and its a real pain to get to where the kickstart chip is.

In this video we're going to install a Kickstart switcher, but then mod it so it will disable the action replay when kickstart 3.1 is selected.

Amiga 2000 Action Replay? They Made Those?

In this video we'll explore the action replay MK III for the Amiga 2000. I didn’t even realise they made one for this machine, so was really surprised when I picked one up.

Sadly however, mine was missing the controller and so in the video we'll reverse engineer it and build our own, as well as see if the card works and give it a quick test.

Introducing DiskFlashback - Retro Floppy Disk Software for Windows!

Back in 2017 when I created Drawbridge, I very much wanted to create what I'm releasing in this video.

Introducing DiskFlashback, a Windows application that not only lets you mount Amiga, Atari and PC floppy disk images as real drive letters, but also lets you mount your *real* DrawBridge, Greaswewazle or Supercard Pro too.

Amiga BREAK! - The Poor Persons Action Replay? and How Can I Improve It?

I picked this up a while back, and was curious exactly what it could achieve for such a simple looking device.

Attached to it is a variable resistor and a switch, and with that you can freeze and selectively slow down games playing. But how does it work? And can we improve it?

AMIGA Virus Protector - But does it work?

I have to admit, this video didn’t actually go quite to plan. I had a bit of a brainwave after I'd finished editing it and ended up having to create another section on the end, and it was WELL WORTH IT!

A while back, I discovered a device that you could plug into the external floppy drive port of your Amiga that supposedly would protect any disk inserted from becoming infected with boot block or boot sector viruses.

Curious how such a simple device could achieve this feat I decided to put it to the test.... and wow, was I surprised...

How Bunny’s "Boing Ball" Bounty, the New AMIGA Speed-Run Challenge Game was made

Last year I brought you the AMIGA game Hop to the Top, which had a slightly darker sequel around Halloween.

This year I bring you Bunny’s "Boing Ball" Bounty, a speed-run challenge where you need to collect the eggs as quickly as possible.

Can the PowerShark Protect Your Amiga? Full Test and Review

In this video I'm going to test out the PowerShark, the new USB-C power supply for the Amiga 500, 600 and 1200.

I'm going to put it through a gruling array of tests to see how it handles them, and how this could help protect your Amiga from any power supply damage.

MAGIC Internet Access on my #Amiga! - But How!?

In this video I'll throw the Plipbox out the window... but somehow my Amiga 500 *still* has Internet access.... and so does my Amiga 2000... but how!?

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