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AMIGA Virus Protector - But does it work?

I have to admit, this video didn’t actually go quite to plan. I had a bit of a brainwave after I'd finished editing it and ended up having to create another section on the end, and it was WELL WORTH IT!

A while back, I discovered a device that you could plug into the external floppy drive port of your Amiga that supposedly would protect any disk inserted from becoming infected with boot block or boot sector viruses.

Curious how such a simple device could achieve this feat I decided to put it to the test.... and wow, was I surprised...

How Bunny’s "Boing Ball" Bounty, the New AMIGA Speed-Run Challenge Game was made

Last year I brought you the AMIGA game Hop to the Top, which had a slightly darker sequel around Halloween.

This year I bring you Bunny’s "Boing Ball" Bounty, a speed-run challenge where you need to collect the eggs as quickly as possible.

Can the PowerShark Protect Your Amiga? Full Test and Review

In this video I'm going to test out the PowerShark, the new USB-C power supply for the Amiga 500, 600 and 1200.

I'm going to put it through a gruling array of tests to see how it handles them, and how this could help protect your Amiga from any power supply damage.

MAGIC Internet Access on my #Amiga! - But How!?

In this video I'll throw the Plipbox out the window... but somehow my Amiga 500 *still* has Internet access.... and so does my Amiga 2000... but how!?

Internet Enabled Amiga - Lets Build a PlipBox!

In this video I'll show you how I built my own PlipBox adapter for my Amiga 2000 to experiment with it on the Internet.

Amiga 2000 Full 2MB ECS Upgrade Mod (A500 compatible)

In this video I'll show you how I not only added 1MB of chip ram to my Amiga 2000 to bring it to 2MB, but also completed the upgrade to be a complete ECS system!

MiSTer Floppy 2024 - Minimig Core Floppy Drive Update

In this video I want to show you the current progress with the MiSTer floppy board I've designed, along with the changes to the MiSTer FPGA Minimig core I've made to allow real floppy disks to be used.

I've successfully gotten reading and writing working, and most exciting of all, it works with multiple drives at once!

A Year in Montages - It's Been a Fun Year!

2023 has been such a fun year, with so many amazing Amiga related videos and a bit of electronics thrown in too, and then there was the special Thomas Middleditch experience that I just didn't expect.

All in all its been fantastic and I wanted to share some of my favourite montages. This included footage from Thomas Middleditch's Twitch channel as his reactions are so totally worth it.

Crazy 4 Layers of Parallex Scrolling Road Effect with Santas Present Drop 3

Its crazy, a long long time ago I wanted to create a game a little like Lotus Turbo Challenge. Back then I was only able to program in AMOS, and so I created a small demo as a kind of proof of concept. However it wasn't very good, and not very practical and so I moved on.

Some 30ish years later I started creating these Santas Present Drop games. In Santas Present Drop 1, you helped Santa drop the presents down chimneys as he flew over numerous rooftops. In Santas Present Drop 2, Santa was unhappy that presents were being delivered to the wrong people, so he installed the Gift-o-Matic 5000.

So what about the third game? Well check the video to find out!

From Rust to Lust! an Amiga 2000 Restoration!

In the previous video I successfully got my Amiga 2000 working properly. In this video we're going to look at some upgrades for it, and also some steps to make it look as close to new as possible including cleaning, retr0brighting (vapor method) and a vinyl wrap for the case.

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