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Keeping the Heat In - Radio Controlled Door Closer Because my Dog Keeps Opening It!

We have a slightly annoying problem, she's wonderful, but has a habbit of leaving the door open. I'm talking about our dog!

Presented with a radio control car and the MacGyver theme tune I was asked to make a remote control door opener/closer.

Power Switch Repair on a Phillips CM8833 CRT Monitor

Being the lucky owner of the classic Phillips CM8833 CRT Monitor, I was disappointed when the power switch finally failed. It wouldnt stay on unless I held the power switch in.

So, in this video we learn how to repair the monitor by replacing the power switch and also investigate the cause of the issue.

Chemical Free Retrobrighting Alternatives!

Last year I started research to try to find chemical free ways to retrobrite plastics. This video is a documentary of various experiments I ran over the course of a year along with their results, and some of them are quite unexpected.

The NEWEST WAY to FIND RETRO (Computer/Gaming)...

In this video I’m going to show you a fantastic new website that will allow you to find retro computer/gaming museums, magazines, clubs & groups, events, podcasts, youtubers, arcades, shops, cafes and more!

In June 2022 I purchased the domain name, and since then have been trying to get the site finished. The first version now is.... and I hope you like it. If you want to list something on the site its FREE! and always will be. If you're interested in sponsoring or advertising on/with the site then please get in touch.

Lets Code "Santas Present Drop 2" in AMOS (AMIGA) - The Sequel to Last Years Game

Santa is upset because we delivered the wrong presents to the wrong houses, so this year he's upgraded his sleigh with the gift-o-matic 5000 elf assisted present sorting machine to help him out.

In this video we're going to make a new game in AMOS (Amiga), Santas Present Drop 2 as a sequel to the game last year!

TWO PLAYER LEMMINGS - The Game You Must Play (and Why You'll Love It!)

In this video I'm going to take a look back at perhaps one of the most fun aspects of the early Lemmings games, a feature that was so good, but unfortunately restricted to only a handful of platforms.

That game is two player lemmings! Unfortunately the concept behind two player never went beyond Oh No More Lemmings! which is a real shame, but its still great to go back and play.

During this video I also speak to Mike Dailly who came up with some of the original concepts for lemmings to get his perspective on this under-played feature.

Sing like a Pro! Real-Time AutoTune on your Arduino!

In this video we're going to continue from where we left off with the real-time voice repitching, and we're going to explore autotune.

The concept behind autotune is to detect what note you're trying to sing, and automatically correct the pitch of that note if you're out of tune.

Sound Like A Chipmunk! Real-Time Voice and Music Repitch with an Arduino UNO!

In this video we're going to explore the world of analog to digital, and digital to analog to create a real-time repitch solution with hardly any lag running totally on your Arduino UNO!

Trick or Treat! Lets Make a Halloween Game in AMOS!

In this video I'll guide you through making this fun Halloween themed puzzle game. The aim of the game is to collect 20 pieces of candy (treats) before you collect 20 tricks (in this cane, spiders, ghosts, bats and skulls!).

Not All Electronics Modules Are What They Seem

After running my solar powered fireflies for a while I noticed some strange behaviour, and on investigating I discovered that the charge controller I was using wasn't providing any over-discharge protection.

In this video we look at battery protection and how to fix this problem.

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